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We promote culture and solidarity

Inspired by Paulo Freire, we are convinced that education can never be neutral; we propose educative activities, dialogues with adults and teenagers, cultural events promoting solidarity. Each of us can do a lot for others, in our daily life, professional time, within our community, promoting beauty and reciprocal support, helping and asking for help during difficult times. Helping is a reciprocal relationship, it's giving and taking which comes together, and over time their positions might change. It get's less and less important who gives and who takes, because the exchange is broader and we realize that there is a giving and taking involving us and everything and everybody around us.

What we do: 

Associazione Ponte | PONTE Verein 

Via Radaelli 13 - Venezia (Italy) | Burgweg 10 - 8008 Zürich (Switzerland) - +39 3474711051

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Eventi di raccolta fondi

Concerti, spettacoli teatrali, giochi e attività all'aperto. Cene di solidarietà, aste di beneficenza, semplici feste per stare insieme. Realizziamo eventi in città diverse, e chiunque ne abbia voglia può contattarci e insieme organizzeremo un'attività di raccolta fondi che sia arricchente per la comunità locale.