You can support FAEDHAITI in many ways: some conventional, some unusal, and other still to be invented!! Contact us also with your own ideas. We believe that together we can accomplish a lot!

Services for charity

You can buy or provide services and donate the money to our projects. 


List of available services:


Website: you can have a website for your business or idea and the payment for the service will be donated to our project. Click here and contact our webdesigner.


Skype language classes: we have teachers available for you and the fee for the classes will be donated. Click here and contact our teachers.


Reiki treatment: two Reiki Masters provide this tradional Japanese treatment as a charity service for our project. Click here and contact our Reiki Masters.


If you also want to provide services or products to donate for Faedhaiti, we will be happy to have you in our Charity Services Team! Contact us by e-mail

Adopt an Haitian child
Ethical gifts

There are only a few schools open to the general public in Haiti. Thus, often children’s families and orphanages don’t have sufficient money to pay for school fees, and consequently children aren’t allowed to go to school. With just 1 euro per day, a child's education and a daily meal can be provided for: it's easy and it changes the future of a child. 


For more information, download the pdf

We have many options for giving ethical gifts (see below). Each gift provides the experience of a ONE-MONTH LONG DISTANCE ADOPTION. For only 31 Euros, the gift giver, or the person receiving the gift, can choose between a book or a CD, and a postcard that describes the long distance adoption program. The recipient of these has the option, after the first month, to continue or discontinue the adoption experience. (In Italy, shipping costs are covered)

Solidarity Journey
Haiti in pezzi
written by Alessia Maso
ed.: duepunti

In summer 2014, from mid-July to mid-August, you can join us on a trip to Haiti. The trip will provide an opportunity to learn about Haitian culture, and to share time with local people. Accomodation is provided in a house managed by Mudhas (Movement of Haitian Dominican Women), and you can do voluntary work with Haitian children and teenagers. Travel costs, insurance and permanence are borne by the participants. If interested, please write to

In this book, the author describes her personal experience of living and working amongst the Haitian people following the devasting 2010 earthquake. With the aid of an imaginary bridge between Haiti and Italy, the author uses stories of the lives of real Haitians to provide the reader a vivid experience of local life. The author promotes the idea that ​​solidarity with the Haitian people can be accomplished by small-scale cooperative development that avoids situations of waste and mismanagement often seen in some humanitarian aid projects. The book (written in Italian) costs 12 € (In Italy, shipping costs are covered). To order, write to

Solidarity through special events
CD by De Strawanza

A birthday, a wedding, a graduation party, or a christening ... any special occasion is an opportunity to both have fun and also help those who are in need. For the special event, we setup a counter on our website (for example, LARA'S BIRTHDAY COUNT DOWN) which reports the sum raised through your event. We can provide you text to include in the invitation to your event, describing how the guests can contribute a gift that will support children's education in Haiti. Following the event, you can send your guests a special messages of thanks. If interested, please write to

The Austrian group De Strawanza, play the saxophone, organ and cello, to create a very unique musical experience: a sweet mix of jazz, tango and waltz, with classic and unreleased tracks. We met this group at Zurich's TheaterSpectacle. As we liked them so much, they agreed to our request to support FaediHaiti's fundraising. You can order through us their two albums "By the way" and "Smile" at a discounted price of 15 €. (Shipping costs in Italy are included). To order, write to