What was the impact of Hurricane Matthew on the community in Leogane that we support.

The school for disabled children was in a building of temporary construction, made from wood and metal sheets. As a result of the hurricane, the building sustained significant damages. "The roof is completely destroyed, the pillars that support the building are seriously dampened by the water, the floor has cracks everywhere, and the children’s desks need to be replaced. The only solid door is broken. All educational materials, such as books, notepads, etc. are lost" the school director explained. "In addition, our children’s families have serious difficulties, as most of their houses are significantly damaged, and three of these families no longer  have anything since everything was destroyed by the water. Their houses were made of metallic sheets and plywood, and these humble structures were the only secure place for them. Now, these houses are gone. In one of these families, comprised of a mother and 3 death-mute children (two of them less than 6 years old), the father is dead. We really need to help them."


Our intervention was successful!
The school was rebuilt from scratch, and it’s now of a solid construction and built to withstand the effects of earthquakes. Currently the repainting of the walls is being finished. The school re-opened last week, and now offers even more activities and welcomes more children, there are now 70; and, the children’s families can attend courses of: sign language, learning the alphabet, and hand-crafts.
We are really grateful to everybody who contributed to make this happen.

The next step is to build the second floor of the school: THERE ARE STILL VERY MANY CHILDREN ASKING TO ATTEND THE CEAL SCHOOL. These children have special education needs, because they are death-and-or-mute or have learning difficulties. We want to accommodate their requests, and hope that we can take them in at the beginning of the next school year.


All collected money are sent to Haiti.
Administrative costs, travels expenses, and management costs are entirely paid for by association members.
We are volunteers, but professional in this sector: for more than 5 years we have continuous support of Haitian communities, ambitiously but with a thoughtful approach. We implement small projects that we carefully design together with Haitian communities and selected partners.
You are always welcome to visit our projects in Haiti, and to stay in one of our orphanages.
Also, with your knowledge, experience and capacity you can participate in and support the Haitian communities that we work with.


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